Holding on to the sacred elements of straight ahead jazz,but fusing them with r&b, classical, and hip-hop, guitarist/producer Joel Del Rosario's music exudes the diversity of San Francisco's cosmopolitan culture.  This uniqueness has the world listening to this young jazz guitarist, and won him the title of Coffee Talk Jazz Radio's “Guitarist of the Year”.  Often likened to the playing styles of George Benson and Norman Brown, Joel gives tribute to the jazz greats, adding his orchestral and symphonic influences, turning it into a passionate and engaging experience.  Nominated for “Best Jazz Duet” (with keyboardist Surewill) at the 2012 Los Angeles Music Awards, jDR has traveled nationwide from Coast to Coast, performing at various well known jazz venues while producing music for, and alongside his jazz contemporaries.

His passion for the guitar however was born from tragedy.  At the age of eleven, Joel's mother succumbed to a long fight with breast cancer, and it was there that Joel sought solace through music and his guitar.  During many quiet moments: contemplating, practicing, and developing a bond with his instrument, Joel became fused with his guitar, thus forming his distinct guitar playing.

Currently jDR, has released several top ranking projects: “Coast to Coast” which was included in the list of “Top 10 Jazz Albums of 2010” at Talking Smooth Jazz Radio, and “Side by Side” released 2013 (still strongly present on the playlists of both terrestrial and internet radio).  His latest release "Past Present Future" debuted #27 on Billboard and was successfully included in the top 40 list of 2016 Grammy entries for "Best Instrumental Album of the Year".  He has been featured various projects including Billboard charting single “By the Bay” by Cal Harris Jr. and is currently producing music for various jazz artists including saxaphonist(s) Jeff Taboloff, Dee Lucas, and Tony Exum Jr.  Be on the lookout for his upcoming project(s) definitely changing the face of jazz!