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"Award Winning" Jazz Guitarist | Songwriter

 "Joel Del Rosario" (jDR)




  JDR brand new album "Past Present Future" now available!

"This is an album for all generations and music lovers"Milena Staniskovska @ jazz.amazingradios.com

"Delicious Vinyl" is a morsel of musical goodness that is charted for great success - www.jazzmoodsradio.com

"Delicious Vinyl" the title of which tells you all you need to know about the old school sensibilities of this groove drenched charmer. - smoothjazztherapy.com

"I want more!" - Patrick Van De Wiele @ www.keysandchords.com   



jDR & "The Smooth Jazz Alley"

Walnut Cree, CA "Impulse Room" July 5, 2018


Performing with Jeanette Harris (Stockton Jazz Festival)

Saturday, September 29