Joel Del Rosario

Hello everyone, I know it's been a while since I posted and I hope all is well with you!  I am excited to announce the release of Cal Harris Jr.'s album "Shelter Island" featuring: Marion Meadows, Ricky Lawson, Elan Trotman, along with many others including myself!  I am deeply honored and blessed to be a part of this project so take a listen and get your copy today!  Here's a brief review from

Esteemed contemporary jazz keyboardist Cal Harris Jr. definitely brings the "smooth" and the "sexy" back to Smooth Jazz with his outstanding sophomore release, SHELTER ISLAND. Mr. Harris has concocted a luscious concept album that will whisk you away to exotic, mysterious places where you can reconnect with your higher self and feel truly stress-free. He's gathered top-shelf talent to support his beautiful playing, too. Sax work from Marion Meadows, Elan Trotman, and talented newcomer Keith McKelley, together with Ricky Lawson (Yellowjackets) on drums and up-and-coming indie guitarist Joel del Rosario, add immeasurably to the lovely patina of the ten original tracks, including the radio hits "Smooth" and "By the Bay." I must tell you - this is one of the most beautifully assembled and performed keyboard-driven albums I've heard so far this year... one that any Smooth Jazz aficionado would be delighted to include in their collection. That means you! ~SCOTT O'BRIEN