Joel Del Rosario

I really want to send a special shout out to the music lovers in Austin, TX who got a taste of the "Sophisticated Gents" show at Round Rock this past weekend.  The 'gents' tore the show up and we made a lot of new friends and family!  Thanks so much for coming to the show!  Also, a special thanks and shout out goes to my man, "Hank Howe" of SOJA (Save Our Jazz Alliance Inc.) who worked tirelessly to put this event together!  Thanks Hank!  Also much love goes out to KAZI 88.7 FM (Austin, TX) who showed mad love for us!  We love you!  So all in all you know that we had a great time!  Currently about to get into the studio and master these tracks for my latest project with Surewill!  Album will drop somewhere in September so keep you ears and eyes open!  Let the music move you! -jDR